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K9aholics was started in October 2019. I have always had a passion for dogs, and started training dogs at an early age. It wasn’t until I got Draco, my first Belgian Malinois, that I knew I wanted to start a business training dogs so I could share my natural talent of training with other pups. While working as a Norfolk police officer, I started K9aholics and was training dogs on my time off. I resigned as a police officer, and attended Tarheel Canine, Inc. school for dog trainers where I further solidified my knowledge and expertise. Afterwards, I decided to devote 100% of my time to my business where I can share my knowledge and fulfill my passion.

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Cameron (Owner) I am the owner and head trainer of K9aholics. I am 28 years old and I’m from Portsmouth, VA. I graduated from Old Dominion University in 2015. Division 1 running back at old dominion university. Former Norfolk police officer Started training dogs at an early age. got into working dogs when I purchased Draco, my first Belgian Malinois. Really enjoy training police and military K9’s Attended Tarheel School for dog trainers and completed the Police K9 Instructor’s course- learned how to become a competent decoy, as well as detection and tracking work In my off time I enjoy hobbies such as jiu jitsu, fishing, and horseback riding.


My name is Kehli and I live in Virginia Beach with my beautiful Carolina dog Lupa. Dogs have always been a staple in my life, helping shield me from a less than ideal upbringing and providing me joy during some of the hardest times I’ve ever experienced. Lupa was my reason for getting into professional dog training. She was surrendered to me by someone unable to take proper care of her and was an anxious mess. Seeing a younger version of myself in her, I felt I had to do something to help her. I looked for trainers near me and could find none that were able to help us, so I decided to invest all of the savings that I had into educating myself on dog training and behavior. After a TON of work, Lupa became the amazing social and well-adjusted dog she is today, setting the bar for not only myself but all the dogs that I train. I saw how many owners like myself wanted to help their dogs, but didn’t know where to start and how many dogs needed help, but couldn’t receive it. I started doing a ton of community service work offering free dog training and eventually started gaining some traction through word of mouth. Not long after that, myself and Lupa, were brought on to the K9aholics team and we couldn’t be happier to serve you and your dogs!


Hi! My name is Cameron. I have been passionate about dogs my entire life and always knew I wanted to pursue a career that involved them. I spent 11 months working at a doggy daycare and grew highly interested in dog training through that experience. After teaching myself many things, I was determined to find opportunities to learn from others in hopes of expanding my knowledge. I discovered the K9aholics internship program and ended up being worthy enough to come on as one of their private lesson trainers by the end of it. I am looking forward to helping people in my community enhance their relationships with their dogs. Anytime I am not around dogs, I like to spend time with my horse named Gold. We show together in competitions all over the east coast.

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Hi there, I’m Laeklyn! Animals have always been a huge part of my life. Growing up, my family probably had way too many pets and our home was comparable to a zoo. My mom and I also spent the majority of our free time rehabilitating baby animals such as squirrels, raccoons, ducklings, rabbits, etc. The connection I have always had with animals is unique and I have often felt like I understood them more deeply than most people. My passion for training dogs specifically started when I finally got my first dog as an adult. His name is Pippin and he is a Border Collie, so i was very aware that i had my work cut out for me. I dove very deep into the world of dog training and spent all of my free time coming up with excel spreadsheets and progression plans for Pippin’s training. Through this, I realized how much I enjoyed the process of training and I found the ability to bridge the language barrier between humans and dogs so fascinating. I started offering training sessions with close friends and customers from my previous job who owned dogs and needed some guidance. Through doing so, I gained a lot of hands-on experience and knowledge that eventually landed me where I am now with K9aholics and I can truly say I have my dream job!

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