Our Programs

dog training programs

At K9aholics we are proud to offer various dog training programs for all of your dog’s needs. From basic obedience to dealing with separation anxiety, our certified dog trainers can handle it all! We will work alongside you, your dog, and your family members to reinforce good behavior patterns and ensure your furry friend has a solid foundation for future train programs through our dog and puppy training lessons.

Board and Train

Leave your dog with us for 2 , or 3 week board and train program to meet your needs for training and obedience. You will get regular updates and will love the transformation your dog makes.

Puppy Training

When you get a new puppy, training is essential to ensure that he grows to be the best dog for you and your family. Our trainers know how to work with puppies and get them ready for their adult life with you.

Behavior Modification

When your dog acts aggressively, that behavior needs to be stopped as soon as possible. Our expert dog training staff knows how to work on the dog's impulse control and use positive reinforcement to encourage good behaviors.

Day Training

Designed to enhance your pet's obedience, social skills, and overall behavior. These can include basic commands like 'sit', 'stay', and 'come', leash manners, housebreaking or potty training, and crate training.

K9aholics dog training is the solution for transforming any disobedient pet into a perfect family dog that listens to its owner’s commands. Our highly skilled trainers have years of experience and knowledge in knowing what works for professional training and adjusting just about any behavioral issue. Contact us today if you are located in the Virginia Beach area (and surrounding cities) and need a professional dog trainer who can help transform your dog. Our professional dog training program offers private lessons and group classes, including a puppy program. We train dogs all the time, and you can rest assured that your dog’s behavior will be truly transformed when you complete classes with a successful dog trainer from K9aholics. 

Adopting a dog is one of the most rewarding activities that a person can do. Whether it is meant to be a guard dog for the family or just a companion for yourself, dogs provide the love, support, and loyalty that everyone can benefit from and enjoy for their entire lives. Owning a dog also comes with responsibilities such as feeding, walking, caring for, and training your furry friend.

Professional dog training includes much more than simply learning to obey a command. From potty training and crate training to basic obedience (sit, stay, heel) and advanced skills, dog training or puppy training requires patience, positive reinforcement, and time. Many dog owners benefit from formal training carried out by certified dog trainers such as ours at K9aholics. A certified dog trainer can show you and your dog the best methods of learning basic commands and trusting one another inherently. It is a true bonding experience for you and your dog.

 There are various benefits to entrusting a professional dog trainer to help you with your dog’s behavior. First and foremost, a dog trainer with approval from the certification council will have all of the knowledge, skills, and education to work with your dog and use the best techniques for your dog’s level of behavioral issues, especially in private classes. Dog training is not a one-size-fits-all activity, and our dog trainers at K9aholics can design a custom program that will work for your dog, home, or school.

Expert dog training also provides you and your dog a safe, hands-on experience in a controlled environment. It is easy to get frustrated with your dog or new puppy when it does not seem to remember or understand your training. When you have in-person professional training for your dogs, that stress and anxiety will be eased so that you can enjoy the experience and bond with your dog.