Day Training For Dogs in Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA

Day Training

K9Aholics offers a day training program for dogs in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, VA area.

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K9aholics offers professional day training for dogs in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and All Surrounding Areas.

The Day Training program operates from Monday to Friday, offering a convenient drop-off window from 7 am to 9 am, with pickups scheduled between 5 pm and 6 pm. Presently, we offer two distinct program options: a comprehensive 4-week course encompassing fundamental obedience, including basic manners, heeling, down stay, and place commands, available at a cost of $2,400. 

Alternatively, our extended 6-week course comprises the entirety of the 4-week curriculum, with the additional benefit of advanced proofing in diverse real-world scenarios and environments, thereby providing comprehensive offsite training. Our 6-week option is $3,500.

Your canine companion will engage in structured training sessions under the expert guidance of our certified trainers within our state-of-the-art facility.

This program is uniquely structured to allow your dog to return to your home each evening, fostering a seamless integration of newly acquired skills into your daily routines. In the course of their training, your dog will be exposed to a diverse range of distractions and undergo purposeful socialization, enabling them to exhibit improved obedience and heightened sociability.

The Day Training program is ideally tailored for discerning pet owners who seek to entrust their dogs to our care during their work commitments, affording an economical yet highly effective avenue for enhancing their canine’s behavioral repertoire.

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