Behavior Modification in Norfolk, VA

Behavior Modification

K9aholics offers behavior modification and aggression training in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA area.

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#1 Behavior Modification / Aggression Dog Training in Virginia Beach & Norfolk, VA

Aggressive dogs behave in a way that scares many individuals (puncture wounds, repeated bites, etc. are major issues), and it is important to eliminate protective aggression. Let a dog trainer from K9aholics help eliminate dog aggression from your home! Dogs should be warm and happy, especially to those people or other dogs you are close to.

K9aholics offers professional, aggressive behavior modification and dog aggression training in Virginia Beach, VA, and the surrounding areas.

Virginia Beach Dog Aggression Training/ Modification

Aggressive dog behavior modification training is changing specific behaviors in aggressive dogs by rewarding desired behaviors and ignoring undesired ones. This type of positive reinforcement training will teach your dog how to behave appropriately in different situations.

All dog owners need to understand the basics of this form of canine aggression training because it can help stop aggressive behavior and prevent unwanted behaviors from occurring or reduce their frequency.

Our Programs 

K9aholics‘ dog aggression behavior-modification program lasts 4-6 weeks, depending on the individual needs of the dog and the level of aggression in dogs. We work with pet parents who have dog breeds that are aggressive towards other people and other dogs or animals and exhibit aggressive behavior.

The first step is figuring out why your dog is displaying these signs and getting to the root of the problem. After K9aholics has figured out the primary cause of the dog’s behavior, our professional dog trainers will develop an individualized aggressive behavior modification program that will begin to teach your dog how to behave both at home and in public settings, especially while around other dogs.

Aggressive behavior modification dog training takes time and requires the client to be patient. It is also important to know that not all dogs with aggression issues can be fixed. Genetics play a huge role in the dog’s aggressive behavior, but do not let this intimidate you.

We will help you see the warning signs of the dog’s aggression and work with you to determine the best way to deal with:

    • possessive aggression

    • fear aggression

    • pain-elicited aggression

    • territorial aggression

    • predatory aggression

    • social aggression

    • defensive aggression

    • frustration-elicited aggression

    • status-seeking aggression

    • other types of aggression in many dogs

Professional training methods are essential to train an aggressive response out of the dog and reinforce good behavior.

K9aholics Can Teach You How to Manage Your Aggressive Dog Properly

Often aggressive dogs are misunderstood. It is super important to seek out the assistance of a professional dog trainer for aggressive behavior modification cases because trying to do it on your own can result in someone getting hurt when fearful dogs react aggressively. K9aholics is here to help you with threatening behavior.

A big part of behavior modification has an obedient dog. So we also focus on dog training for obedience in this program. Behavior modification is something you should seek out a professional trainer for because fixing it yourself can cause the behavior to get worse. The dog owner needs to know what is expected of a good leader to learn proper ways of behaving.

With this program, we will teach you how to be a strong advocate for your dog and teach you how to continue dog aggression and obedience training further when your dog is returned. It is super important to understand that not all dogs can recover from a lifetime of behavior issues.

But even in those cases, we can teach you how to manage the behaviors. Upon completion, you will have control over an aggressive dog. It will relieve stress from you and the dog. You adopted your dog to bring you joy, not stress. Let us help you achieve this goal.

Our Professional Dog Trainer Is Here to Help!

If your dog is currently experiencing aggression with you and your family, contact K9aholics today. Our dog trainers have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help dog owners recognize the warning signs of aggressive behavior and show them ways to prevent these issues with behavior modification techniques.

Our team understands that not all dogs are the same, so we will come up with a customized training plan to eliminate predatory behavior or possession aggression so that you can trust your dog and welcome him as a true member of the family. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your dog’s aggression problems and behavior problems.

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