A dog’s training can be a daunting but rewarding task-whether you are a dog owner for the first time or are a seasoned dog trainer. Training your dog with a good trainer is crucial for a trusting, comfortable, and fun relationship between you, your family, and your furry friend. 

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions on dog training that we get asked at K9aholics Dog Training before you embark on your dog training journey. 


At K9aholics, we offer dog training classes such as private training sessions, day training, and a puppy class program for young puppies.

Our highly skilled trainers at K9aholics can train dogs of most breeds, behavioral issues, aggression, and ages.

At K9aholics Dog Training, our expert-certified training team uses positive reinforcement to control the dog’s impulses, reinforcing good behavior patterns. We coax the dogs into the desired behavior using incentives of different motivators every time they display good behavior successfully. 

We work specifically to change dog behavior to turn them into the perfect family dogs that obey all their owners’ commands. Our training programs also include;

Our board and training program will meet all your obedience and training needs for your dog. We will give you regular updates, and you will love how your dog transforms.

Our experienced dog trainers can train your pet beyond just good behavior to be your family’s personal protection animal.

An aggressive dog needs behavior modification to be the ideal family dog as soon as possible. Our expert training staff knows how to control a dog’s impulses using positive reinforcement to decrease aggression.

When you get a new pup, it is crucial to have it housebroken and socialized to be the best dog for your family. Our trained staff at K9Aholics also provide dog walking and pet sitter services.

K9aholics provides private dog training sessions tailored to your dog’s specific needs. Because group classes may not be appropriate for your dog, our trainers understand how important it is for your dog’s training to be customized for your pet.

This varies widely and depends on your training goals for your dog. In the same way that some people learn faster than others, some dogs also learn faster than others. Teaching obedience happens much more quickly than decreasing aggression.

Our goal here at K9aholics is to help ensure you reach the training goals you have set for your dog.

Progress in the training process is highly dependent on the commitment of both the trainer and the dog owner. It depends on:

  • How closely you adhere to and follow the trainer’s instructions

  • How much you work and practice with your dog.

  • Your training goals.

  • Your dog’s temperament, health, and personality.

We at K9aholics Dog Training have the resources and can guarantee we will be there for your dog and you to the best of our abilities for a successful outcome. The trainer directly works with you, your family, and your dog to ensure your furry friend has a solid future by reinforcing good behavior.

K9Aholics expert dog trainers have been training dogs for residents of Virginia since 2019. It was started by Cameron, a certified professional dog trainer who, as a former Norfolk police officer, completed the Police K9 Instructor’s Course for service dog training. He also attended and completed a training course at Tarheel Canine Inc. School for dog trainers.

We offer a customer-friendly financing option to help you cover your dog training expenses with us. K9Aholics has a partnership with Lending USA- a leading, trusted company that has provided many clients in the past with affordable financial assistance.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment with You?

To schedule a consultation, go to our website and fill out the form. For an initial consultation and assessment, you can call us at (757) 210-7689. You must come with your dog’s vaccination records before we begin training.

K9aholics Dog Training has a team of certified and professional dog trainers who have undergone extensive training. Let us help you get your dog to obey basic commands, stay on a leash, and reduce extreme barking and any other destructive behavior they may have.

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