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There are certain similarities between human beings and their furry friends. Humans have some distinct characteristics and some traits we inherit as a result of the crossbreed between our parents. Some dogs are noisy, while some are calm; some interact well with people and socialize well, while others are shy.

Some dogs are stubborn and highly energetic. Different dogs have different temperaments as a result of their crossbreeding.

At K9Aholics, we can improve undesirable traits in dogs by properly understanding the dog and communicating with them. As dog owners, you might find your dog’s specific behavior unattractive and hope to correct it.

You seek to spend a great deal of time with your best friend, and you want to ensure they are not causing unnecessary anguish or problems. We understand why you want to provide to correct these destructive behaviors.

We know you want to strengthen your bond with your furry friend, so we recommend a dog training program that meets your specific needs.

Indeed, getting your dog to behave appropriately might be difficult, especially if you are a busy pet owner or it’s a new breed. In this case, you need to employ an expert to get the dog well behaved. Anybody can print a business card saying, ” I am a dog trainer,” but not everybody is an expert at training dogs.

If you are looking for professional dog training in Virginia Beach, VA, remember that our team at K9Aholics is here to help you strengthen your relationship with your furry friend!

How to Choose an Expert Dog Trainer

Choosing from a list of dog trainers around you can be quite difficult. That is why we will explain how to select an expert dog trainer in 4 easy steps.

Ask for Certification And Licensing

Some people are not licensed to train or even breed dogs, but they do it anyway. Employing the services of an uncertified dog trainer might put your furry friend at risk. Before licensing can be issued to a breeder, they would have been assessed and considered fit to operate.

Years Of Experience

The years of expertise of a dog trainer are an advantage. New breeders might not have been exposed to handling dogs in a similar situation as your dog. Dog trainers with years of experience might have encountered similar issues during their long years of practice.

Ask for Recommendations

Professional dog trainers keep tabs on a previously completed job. When you approach a dog trainer, you can ask them for a similar job they’ve done before and how they were able to do it. Some might even have video or picture proof.

Their story will allow you to think if you should hire them to train your dog or not.

Our team at K9Aholics has been able to work with many different clients in Virginia Beach, VA, and we are pleased to help more pet parents in the Virginia Beach area. If you need help with obedience or general dog training in Virginia Beach, reach out to our team today!

Why Should You Train Your Dogs With Us?

Training with our expert dog trainers guarantees your safety and that of your dog. Our certified trainers have been trained and have the experience to objectively look at the issues you are having with your dog and suggest the needed solution.

Our experts at K9Aholics will assist you by critically examining your dog’s behavior and coming up with creative solutions for changing it.

What Are the Dog Training Services We Offer?

We are pleased to offer everything from group classes to various training methods that have worked for our clients. We could train rescue dogs to be therapy dogs, and are happy to conduct potty training, positive reinforcement, and basic obedience training.

Let us look at a few of the dog training classes and options we provide below.

Board and Train

Dog training is not a day job. And sometimes, it will require the dogs to leave their comfort zone before they can learn effectively. We offer a board and train service that allows your dog to be in our facility for weeks, months, or as long as their training takes. Our expert trainers will train them to socialize with other dogs appropriately.

Our training facility is adequately secured; hence, you have no reason to worry about your dog’s safety.

Puppy Training

There is a saying that the best way to train a child is to teach them young. It is the same as training a puppy. Puppy training is necessary to help them grow into well-mannered dogs. You can start giving them certain training as early as six weeks, like obeying simple commands. Then as they keep growing, you can potty train your dog and all that’s necessary. 

We offer a puppy training service and can advise you on how to train your puppies.

Personal Protection

We can train your dog to guard you at all times. Do you walk lonely streets at night, or your neighborhood needs an extra safety measure? Personal protection training helps your dog protect you and your property. With our personalized protection class, we teach your dog to be obedient and, at the same time, be alert at all times.

Behavior Modification

Sometimes, dogs are stubborn. And it can be challenging to get them to change their bad behaviors. Our expert dog trainers will help you train and nurture your dogs until they become well-behaved.

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Whether you are looking for puppy training classesobedience training, or general dog training, remember that our team at K9Aholics is here for you. Find out how our team can make a difference in puppy classes and training sessions in the Virginia Beach area. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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