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Personal Protection Dog Training in Virginia Beach, VA

For a very long time, personal protection dogs have been used to keep individuals safe from any threats that may arise. There is a big difference, though, between a personal protection dog and a family dog that has gone through basic obedience training.

A personal protection dog is not the same as a family pet because personal protection dogs are trained to only respond to one person and protect that individual no matter what happens. They are generally not well-suited for a family and will only respond to the commands of the individual who has trained the guard dog.


Trained dogs for personal protection are loyal to the person they have been tasked with guarding, and they are not meant to socialize with people or other dogs as would a normal pet. When you decide to adopt a guard dog and go through training to turn the animal into a personal protection dog, you can rest assured that he will secure your safety in any circumstance.

Benefits of Personal Protection Dogs

Training for personal protection dogs is not easy but is well worth the effort for all of the benefits that a personal protection dog provides to the handler.

It is important to remember that a guard dog of this type is not the same as a family pet that protects the home. Though this type of dog training is challenging, it offers many benefits to the handler, including:

  • Protection you can count on
  • Loyalty in every situation
  • Constant companionship
  • Faithful guardianship to help you feel secure

Suppose you are interested in dog training for a personal protection dog. In that case, it is best to complete this type of obedience training with a professional who has ample experience with other dogs in the personal protection field.

Why Invest in Professional Protection Dog Training

The personal protection dog trainers at K9aholics have the best possible training programs for you and your dog. Once we assess the dog’s ability and deem it to be possible for success, we make sure that you have a trained dog when the program is complete.

In addition to understanding what training for personal protection dogs entails, professional trainers will be able to evaluate your dog’s ability to succeed as a personal protection dog. Not all dogs may complete the training successfully, and it is essential to recognize when an animal will not be able to complete the work to become a personal protection dog.

At K9aholics, our professional personal protection dog trainers have the knowledge, skills, and experience with other dogs who have been successfully trained for personal protection. Whether you have a German Shepherd or different types of dog, a personal protection dog trainer from K9aholics can help you get a new protection dog for your safety.

Contact Us for Information on Training Personal Protection Dogs

Personal protection dogs provide you with a sense of security and safety no matter your situation. Whether you are in your own home or walking around town, having a personal protection dog by your side will ensure that you are kept as safe as possible. The potential for dog bites will certainly deter any intruder attempting to break into your home.

If someone attempts to hurt you or threatens you, your protection dogs will be there to keep you safe. This security requires extensive specialized obedience training, and the trainers at K9aholics are here to help you have the trained dog you need for protection.

Our protection trainers are happy to offer a free consultation to discuss our program, so be sure to contact us to schedule your appointment with us. We will give you all of the information you need to make your decision about our program designed to train personal protection dogs for the safety and security of their owners.

At K9aholics, our dog trainers understand the value of having a protection dog to guard your safety and the security of your home. We also know that it takes a great deal of training and patience to teach the dog exactly what is needed to be properly trained for the personal protection of its owners.

With our extensive training and experience with protection dogs, as well as a wide variety of other dogs, you can rest assured that your dog will be able to protect you no matter what the circumstances. Call today to schedule your free consultation with us!



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