5 Ways to Calm Your Aggressive Dog

5 Ways to Calm Your Aggressive Dog

Deciding to adopt a dog should be a time of great joy and happiness for you and your family. Your dog will show you love, companionship, and loyalty.

That puppy or adult dog will become a family member, and most dog owners want to provide everything their dogs could ever want or need.

If your dog’s behavior begins to take an ugly turn from “man’s best friend” to serious aggressive behavior, you must stop it as soon as possible. 

When dogs exhibit aggressive behavior, there is usually something triggering the unwanted and often dangerous behavior.


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At K9aholics in Virginia Beach, VA, our professional dog training experts will work with you and your dog to identify the trigger for these aggressive behaviors and show you how to prevent the aggression from starting.

When you collaborate with a professional dog trainer from K9aholics, you will be receiving expert training from certified and experienced professionals.

We will develop a training plan and show you how to stick to it.

Why Do Dogs Show Aggressive Behavior?

There are several reasons why older dogs and young dogs show aggression.

When it comes to aggression in dogs, the first step is determining the source of the aggressive behavior. Aggressive dogs behave that way for a certain reason, and if you can figure out what that reason is, you can then work to stop aggressive behavior from happening.

defensive aggression

Some of the most common reasons for this type of behavior in female dogs and male dogs include:


  • Possessive aggression

  • Fear aggression

  • Pain-elicited aggression

  • Territorial aggression

  • Sex-related aggression

  • Predatory aggression

  • Social aggression

  • Defend

  • Frustration-elicited aggression

  • Status-seeking aggression

  • Other types of aggression in dogs


Many of these aggression issues stem from dealing with other dogs in the area that your pup does not know and feels threatened.

It is important to know the warning signs of canine aggression and prevent it from happening in the first place.

Determining the cause of your dog’s aggression is the first step toward recovery.

Our expert trainers at K9aholics can provide you with the assistance needed to figure out the trigger and stop the aggressive dog behavior.

Aggressive Dog Training Tips to Calm Your Pet

If your dog is already showing aggressive behavior toward other dogs or people, here are some strategies that can help you to calm your dog in various situations:

Avoid Punishing Dog Aggression

Although it may seem counterintuitive, you should not punish aggression.

That can include yelling, hitting, or using any other type of aversive method. Many dogs will remember the punishment and respond to a similar situation in the future without any warning of aggression.

friendly dogs body language

For instance, if you punish your dog for growling at a stranger, that dog will remember the punishment and skip the growling.

Instead, he will move to bite. Avoid escalating the situation to ensure no puncture wounds, repeated bites, or other injuries.

Remain Calm to Soothe Aggressive Dogs

In general, animals respond to their environment and are very attuned to the emotions of those around them.

Reactive dogs will use the emotions of their owners as cues for how to act. If you respond to their aggression with yelling or tensing up, your dog may think that is a threatening response and continue to be aggressive.

redirected aggression

Prevent dog bites from a reactive dog by staying calm, being confident, and acting unafraid. Many dog parents do not know how to react to aggression and will yell or become angry at the dog.

It is important to remain calm and quiet so that the dog will eventually follow your lead.

Ask Your Veterinarian about Calming Medications or Supplements

Although they may not work for every dog in every situation, a calming medication or supplement prescribed or recommended by your veterinarian may be helpful, especially in the cases of fearful dogs or those who react aggressively toward other animals at dog parks.


Pet parents should have a lengthy discussion with the vet about potential side effects for their pet.

Avoid Situations that Trigger Aggressive Behavior

As we said before, it is critical to find out what your dog’s triggers are so that you can work to avoid them,

stressful solution and mental stimulation

For instance, with protective aggression, dogs may react aggressively when their food bowl or toys seem to be threatened by a stranger or new animal.

If a triggering situation cannot be avoided, it will be your job to keep your pet as calm as possible.

Consider Behavior Modification Techniques Taught by Professional Dog Trainers

Certain types of aggression, such as predatory behavior, can be extremely frightening, especially when your dog’s muzzle seems to be as big as your hand!

If your dog displays aggression and you have become fearful, you may need help from a professional.

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To help you with the situation and teach your dog good behavior, investing in classes to modify the dog’s behavior, such as ours at K9aholics, may help your pet become a friendly dog who works for positive reinforcement.

Contact Our Virginia Beach Aggression Dog Training Experts

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Our expert trainers have years of experience and the expertise needed to help most dogs display some aggression.

At K9aholics in Virginia Beach, we know that aggressive dogs are often misunderstood.

They are usually scared or feel threatened and would not be acting aggressively if they felt calm and safe in their environment.

Our team focuses on obedience training and modifying behaviors to help fix the problem before it gets worse.

Let our trainers relieve the stress that an aggressive dog can bring you and your family. Call us today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your dog’s aggression problem.

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