5 Reasons Your Dog Needs Obedience Training

5 Reasons Your Dog Needs Obedience Training

Owning a canine companion means that you will have a friend for life who is always there to cheer you up with a wag of his tail.

It also means that you now have a good deal of responsibility when it comes to caring for the needs and wants of that dog. That includes food, water, treats, toys, a warm bed, vaccinations, veterinary checkups, and anything else your pet requires.

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An often overlooked responsibility of dog owners is training for obedience skills. As the best dog trainers know, your dog is not born knowing the basic commands and obedience that their pet parents want them to remember.

Dog or puppy training classes may be necessary to learn such commands as “sit” or “stay” or walk on a leash properly.

What Is Dog Training?

When it comes to teaching your dogs commands and manners to be a good canine citizen, it takes time, patience, and effort from the dog owner.

If they do not have that time, enlisting the services of expert animal trainers may be the best best.

Using various training methods that have been proven to be effective for a wide variety of dog breeds, professional training sessions can help dogs of all ages learn to have good behavior and listen to their owners at all times.

In addition to basic obedience, you can also enroll your dog in other types of training, depending on their needs. You can get special training for therapy dogs and behavior modification for aggressive animals.

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In Virginia Beach, VA, the premier dog training company is K9aholics. The expert dog trainers at K9aholics in Virginia Beach, VA, have the knowledge and experience to train dogs skillfully and adjust a dog’s behavior to suit your needs.

Our team offers several different training programs, including puppy classes, and you can opt for private lessons or group classes at our training facility.

Why Is It Necessary to Get Obedience Training from Professional Dog Trainers?

Some dog owners may question why professional dog training is important or necessary.

What are the benefits of getting assistance from experts? At K9aholics, we are happy to discuss the many advantages of enrolling your dog in our group training, puppy training, or private lessons.

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Some of the biggest benefits of professional dog training include:

  • Building a strong bond between you and your furry friend: When you and your pet go through the dog training program together, it helps you to strengthen your relationship. Your dog learns to rely on you and builds trust. Also, providing food-based rewards, pets, and playtime to your pet increases your friendship.

  • Learning how positive reinforcement can be used beyond basic obedience: Positive reinforcement training techniques can get you everywhere with a dog. Rewarding good behavior with a treat or love helps reinforce the behavior you want and eliminate behaviors you do not. That can be translated to various other learning opportunities for you and your dog, especially knowing that he has a firm foundation and understanding of the rewarding process.

  • Ensuring that you and your dog remain as safe as possible: Learning basic commands and ensuring that your dog listens to them will help to keep him safe. Basic commands are not just tricking to be learned – they can save your dog’s life. The “stay” command will make sure he does not run out the door any time it is opened, and the “come” command ensures that he will return to you when off-leash.

  • Reducing the stress of interactions with other dogs and people: Whether you are taking a walk or going to the dog park, going through dog training will help to reduce any stress associated with meeting new people or other animals. It is especially important for a new puppy who will interact with lots of new friends in your life.

  • Building confidence in your dog: Build confidence in your dog; it is important to expose him to as many new people, dogs, and children as possible while he is young. That will ensure he remains friendly and has confidence in himself, which works to prevent the onset of any fear-based aggression.

With all of these great benefits associated with dog training classes, there is no reason not to invest in the expert assistance of our professional trainers at K9aholics.

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If you are a dog owner in the Virginia Beach area and are looking for a dog training school to help your pet become a well-mannered pup, look no further than K9aholics.

Our team has the knowledge, skills, and experience to eradicate unwanted behavior such as the need to bark excessively or growl at new people in real-world situations through tried and true training methods.

Most dogs love to become friends with every member of the entire family, and they must be good canine citizens to achieve that goal.

When dogs perform the desired behaviors rather than bad behavior, they learn there is a reward and will continue to do that action. Our goal at K9aholics is to help you bond with your pet and enjoy having him as a family member.

Contact the expert dog trainers at K9aholics to learn more about our training programs, including modifying problem behaviors such as aggression and separation anxiety.

Our team is here to help you be the best possible pet parent and make sure your dog will listen to you throughout his whole life with you.

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