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One of the greatest joys in the world is coming home from work or getting back from running countless errands around town and being greeted by the warmth and love of your dog. The excitement in his eyes and the wagging of his tail demonstrate how much your furry friend missed you and is so glad you have returned. This wonderful experience also comes great responsibility for caring for the dog, and dog training is part of proper care.

Pet parents should know and understand the value of a dog’s training at any age and for every breed. From crate training to obedience training, loose leash walking to personal protection, and everything in between, dog training is essential for the dog’s well-being and having a better relationship with him.

At K9aholics, our expert dog trainers use positive reinforcement to teach your dog how to act in various real-world situations. Our dog trainers are experienced and knowledgeable in handling any dog in private lessons or group classes.

Why Dog Owners Should Invest in Professional Dog Training Classes

Proper training for your dog requires time, energy, and patience. Although dog owners could certainly do their at-home dog training, investing in professional classes with a dog trainer will be beneficial. It is also helpful to have a great deal of experience and expert training in the latest techniques and other methods for dealing with all types of dogs.

Certain activities like obedience training and crate training take time and reinforcement to get your dog to understand what he is supposed to be doing. However, serious behavior problems such as aggression toward other dogs or people require more work and training expertise.

Dog trainers have patience when handling dogs and understand how the dogs think and interpret these commands. An expert dog trainer will tell when a technique is not working for a specific dog and switch tactics. With professional dog training classes from K9aholics, you can rest assured that your dog will be in great hands.

Services Offered by Our Expert Dog Trainers in Chesapeake, VA

At K9aholics, our expert dog trainers offer a variety of dog training classes and programs to work on socialization, modify behaviors, teach basic obedience training, and help pet parents form a strong bond with their dogs or puppies.

Our dog training services include:

Board and Train

With the board and train program at K9aholics, your pup will begin with the fundamentals of basic obedience training and work his way up to the more difficult skills, such as off-leash walking. We reward good behaviors, and our dog trainers understand the value of repetition when working with dogs. The board and train program has 1-, 2-, and 3-week options for the needs of all types of dogs.

Behavior Modification

When a pup is acting aggressively or demonstrating behaviors unwelcome by the owners, it is integral that the owners nip the behavior in the bud before it has a chance to get worse. At K9aholics, our behavior modification program works with dogs showing aggression to other dogs, people, or their owners.

Puppy Training

As everyone knows, puppies are so cute that cuteness often enables them to get away with bad behaviors like biting, jumping, and leash pulling. They have fun but are learning the wrong ways to behave. As the puppy gets older (and bigger), these behaviors will be more difficult to modify and frightening. With K9aholics, our dog trainers will show you the best ways to teach the right kind of behavior to your puppy so that he grows into a well-behaved dog through our 12-day puppy boarding program.

Personal Protection

Many pet parents want their dogs to defend the home and protect their families. That takes training. Teaching your dog the difference between a welcome visitor and an intruder requires time and technique. At K9aholics, our dog trainers know what you are looking for personal protection dogs. We will ensure that they provide you and your family with the best care and protection possible through our training.

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