Dog Training in Hampton, VA

Professional Dog Training Programs in Hampton, Virginia

When you decide to adopt a dog or a new puppy, it is important to feel comfortable with that pet and to have a reasonable expectation that your dog will obey your commands. From basic obedience to leash walking and more, professional dog trainers can help you and your new furry friend learn good behaviors that last a lifetime.

At K9aholics in Hampton, Virginia, each dog trainer has the experience, professionalism, and education to work with any type of dog. Your dog will always be in good hands when you entrust your dog’s training to K9aholics.

Services Offered by Our Professional Dog Trainers

Whether you are interested in private lessons or group sessions for your dog or puppy, our professional dog trainers at K9aholics are sure you can find the services you are looking for with our team. We are proud to offer the following dog training services for dogs and puppies in the Hampton, Virginia, area:

Board and Train

Our board and train option is perfect for the dog owner who is looking to improve their dog’s behavior, especially in cases of aggression, anxiety, or unruly actions. If you have ever been embarrassed by your dog jumping on someone in public or been angered because your furry friend chewed up your sofa, our board and train program is for you.

With the board and train program, you can choose from 3 different training options. From basic obedience to more advanced off-leash obedience and everything in between, our programs start with the fundamentals and work up. Most dogs respond well to repetition and rewarding enough good things to make them stick. K9aholics offers 1-, 2-, and 3-week programs, depending on your dog’s needs.

Behavior Modification

Are you having a problem with your dog’s aggressive behavior? Is Fido growling, baring his teeth, biting, and lunging in situations that do not call for such behavior? You may be in need of K9aholics’ behavior modification training program/aggression rehabilitation. This 4-6 week program starts by figuring out the root cause of your dog’s behavior, developing a customized program to eliminate it, and working to teach the pet owner ways to prevent the behavior from recurring.

Most people become very fearful of a dog that is acting aggressively, but if your dog is behaving in a way that you disapprove of, you cannot be intimidated. Our program takes time and patience (it’s the only way for training to work), especially with breeds that are known for their aggressive tendencies. After your training, you may notice that you even have a strong bond formed with your dog.

Puppy Training

When it comes to puppies, it is hard to resist their sweet, innocent faces. Their cuteness often leads to pet owners allowing the pups to get away with bad behaviors like nipping/biting, jumping on people, urinating/defecating in the house, chewing and destroying things, and pulling on the leash. If these behaviors are not modified when the dogs are puppies, they will continue into adulthood when they are much harder to eliminate.

At K9aholics in Hampton, VA, we have a boarding puppy training program that will focus on these behaviors (as well as any individual issues your pup has) and also helps your pup learn basic commands such as sit, stay, and leash walking. Your puppy will board with us for 12 days and begin its training immediately with a dog trainer. We will send you updates and photos throughout the 12 days, and a dog trainer who worked with your pet will have 2 video sessions following the training to ensure the lessons have continued in your home. Once the puppy training is complete, you can then enroll your puppy in a 3-week board and train for more advanced lessons such as off-leash training.

Personal Protection

When you have a well-trained guard dog in your Hampton, VA, home, you and your family can rest assured knowing that your dog will alert you to any possible intruders and even make that intruder think twice about trying to break into your house. At K9aholics, we know the value of having a dog in the house, and our trainers can work with your dog to ensure he will be able to defend you and your family should the need ever arise.

Pet Training Experts that Dog Owners Can Trust

If you are a dog owner in Hampton, VA, and are looking for exceptional dog training in the area, search no further than K9aholics. Whether you want private lessons, need training for two dogs (or more), or need to get your puppy trained to walk on a leash, we can help.

Our dog trainers are the best in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas, and we assure you that your pet will get the dog training he needs to be the pet you have always wanted. Call today to schedule a free phone consultation with our Hampton, VA, dog trainers and learn more about our dog training options for your furry friend.

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