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Are you looking for a professional and reputable dog trainer in Norfolk, VA? Look no further. K9aholics offers professional dog and puppy training services in Norfolk. 

We offer:

Board and Train

With our board and train program, we will work directly with your dog over the allotted time to teach obedience, crate training, and other skills that a good dog should have. We provide plenty of mental stimulation and positive reinforcement so that your dog will be well-trained and ready to take the canine good citizen test when he has completed our course.

Puppy Training

When you adopt a puppy, you must begin their training as soon as possible to ensure that they grow up to respect you as their owner and caregiver, obey your commands, and be able to play with other dogs in a friendly environment. With the advanced training skills of our dog training experts at K9aholics, we can work to ensure that your pup is everything you want him to be.

Behavior Modification

Suppose a dog of a certain breed is aggressive, has separation anxiety, or scares other people and dogs. In that case, those behaviors may be able to be corrected with the right dog training methods. At K9aholics, we work with these aggressive dogs so that you and those around you no longer have to be afraid of getting bitten or hurt by your animal.

If you are a resident in Norfolk, Virginia, who needs exceptional dog training for puppies or adult dogs, contact K9aholics. Our trained professionals make the experience fun for you and your pet. Call us today to learn more about our programs or sign your dog up for our next class!

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Nothing is more iconic than seeing owners and their pets enjoying one another’s company at a dog park or home. It is fun to spend time with your pets, especially when you do not have to worry about them ignoring your commands or getting free and something terrible happening.

It is a great idea to invest in professional dog training.

Training a dog – beginning class or an intermediate class – can be challenging, especially if you have never trained a dog before. Our trainers are certified and understand how to work with dogs of all kinds in group and private classes.

We will show you techniques and tricks that may not be well-known to the general public.

When you entrust your dog’s training to the experts, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet will return to you happy and ready to listen to you. You will not have to worry about going for a walk or dealing with messes in the house because professional dog training classes work your dog through the learning process and reward their good behaviors.