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Owning a dog is a common activity for individuals and families all across the United States. However, it takes a good amount of time and energy to ensure that the dog can obey commands, protect its owner, and act the way the owner prefers. Dog owners often find it difficult to be patient for a long enough time to be trained properly. In these cases, dog owners can turn to professional dog trainers like ours at K9aholics in Suffolk, VA.

We will work with any disobedient dog and transform them into the perfect family pet with our dog training classes. We have the experience, knowledge, and skills in the dog training industry to figure out what will work for your dog and fix the behavioral issues you are experiencing.

Our training is happy to schedule a free consultation with you and your dog to discuss private dog training, puppy training classes, or any other type of program to help your pet become a well-behaved dog.

Training for Loose Leash Walking and Other Dog Behaviors

Proper training takes time, energy, and plenty of reinforcements and treats to ensure that your pet becomes a well-behaved dog. At K9aholics, your dog will work with an expert dog trainer who has the training skills needed to ensure that your pet understands the commands and remembers what they mean.

While many think that a dog training class is unnecessary because puppy training, potty training, loose leash walking, or behavioral modifications can be done at home. The lessons need extensive positive reinforcement and time to ensure that your pet remembers them.

At K9aholics, our dog training classes and the dog trainers who run them have the skills and knowledge to work with your pet and teach them the lessons you most want them to know.

Whether it is basic manners, intermediate training, or advanced skills, our dog training team works extensively with your pet to change your dog’s behavior and show pet parents how to reinforce it once the private dog training is concluded.

Puppy training, house training, and other types of dog training classes are available to help your dog become a good canine citizen that knows basic cues and will no longer exhibit behavior problems.

Expert Programs from a Certified Professional Dog Trainer

At K9aholics, we are dedicated to helping you turn your pet into a well-trained dog that you are proud to have in your home and protecting your family. Our expert dog trainers offer group classes and private lessons to train your dog – from puppies to older dogs.

Our dog training classes include:

Whether it is basic manners, an intermediate class, advanced mental stimulation, or anything in between, K9aholics is here to help dogs do their best, practice good socialization skills, and have good behavior that their owners will be proud of.

Contact Our Professional Dog Trainers in Suffolk, Virginia

If you are a dog owner looking to improve your pup’s behavior, contact K9aholics in Suffolk, VA. We offer classes for any and all dogs, from a puppy to an older dog, and any age in between.

When your pup has a behavioral issue that needs to be changed, our dog training classes can help you figure out how to overcome that behavior and have fun while doing it. Our dog training team understands how difficult it can be to deal with dogs who do not always follow instructions at first or remember the training you have already done.

It just takes patience, practice, and time to reinforce your pets’ right behavior positively, and our team is here to help you out.

Contact our dog trainers in Suffolk, VA, to schedule a free consultation with us! Dogs trained by our team of professionals will change their negative behaviors and remember the good lessons we teach them. Our classes are fun for dogs and their owners. When you need to train your dogs, get professional assistance from experts in the dog training field.

Call the professionals at K9aholics to sign your dog up for one of our exceptional training programs and take advantage of our experience.

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