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Private Dog Training in Virginia Beach & Norfolk, VA

Adopting a dog is one of the greatest parts of life because a dog will be your constant companion throughout its whole life. The benefits of owning a dog are endless. It is important that you invest in proper puppy training and dog obedience training to ensure that your furry friend is well-behaved around other dogs, your family, and other dogs owners.

At K9aholics, we offer private dog training sessions that meet your dog’s individual needs. Our trainers know how important it is for your dog’s training to be customized for your pet because group classes may not be right for your dog.

Likewise, dog owners need to be comfortable during the dog training sessions, and private dog training can help dog owners and their pets feel as comfortable as possible.

What Are Private Dog Training Classes?

Dog training classes that are private utilize the lessons that the trainers at K9aholics teach in group sessions and bring them to a more comfortable, less distracted situation. In a private training class, the dog gets all of the attention from the trainer and his owner, and the classes themselves are tailored to the dog’s individual needs.

Dog owners are also given a chance to talk with expert dog trainers during the sessions and ask as many questions as necessary to fully understand the lessons being taught and the benefits for the dog. From puppy training classes to basic obedience training, our trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to teach potty training, loose leash walking, crate training, aggressive behavior modification, and much more.

Types of Private Dog Training

When it comes to private training sessions for you and your dog, our trainers at K9aholics offer a variety of options, including:

Puppy Training

A puppy learns differently than how a full-grown dog learns, so the expert dog trainers you hire to work with you and your dog must have experience with puppies and know how to teach obedience skills to them. Becoming a good canine citizen requires time and patience, so puppy training needs specialized knowledge and persistence.

Behavioral Training

If your dog has specific behavior issues such as aggression or separation anxiety, private training sessions for your dog can be the best way to work through these behavior problems individually. We will customize your dog training for his needs, and the dog trainer will be able to monitor the progress very closely without the distractions of other dogs or dog owners.

Obedience Training

When it comes to the basic commands (sit, stay, down, heel), some dogs require one-on-one dog training to ensure they understand the command and follow it immediately. There will be fewer distractions in a private setting, and the dog can focus solely on the owner and the trainer. We can also focus on positive reinforcements on the individual dog.

Challenges of Private Lessons

There is a multitude of advantages when it comes to investing in private lessons for dog training, but there are also a few challenges that dog owners will need to overcome. Private lessons may be quite a bit more expensive than group classes since you and your dog will be getting individualized attention. It can also be more difficult to find exceptional dog trainers to conduct private lessons.

One of the major downsides of private lessons for the dog itself is that there will be less interaction and socialization with other dogs during the dog training sessions. Puppies especially need to be socialized to get comfortable with other dogs and not aggressive toward them. It is the responsibility of the dog owners to make sure their dogs are socialized and have good behavior, especially if they invest in private lessons.

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At K9aholics, we have some of the best dog trainers available for pet parents of all types of dogs. Our dog trainers offer private lessons as well as group classes in Virginia Beach, VA, and surrounding areas. From basic dog obedience training to unwanted behavior modification training. Our private and group classes will help your dog learn proper behaviors and give you peace of mind knowing your furry friend will be under control at all times.

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