Dog Training Tips to Improve the Bond with Your Dog

Owning a dog is an extremely special privilege that many people take for granted. Your dog loves you unconditionally and only wants to make you happy. You are the reason that your dog waits by the door while you are at work and jumps on you with glee when you walk through that door. A dog’s love is true and unbreakable from the moment you adopt it until the time comes for you to say goodbye.

Loving your dog usually comes pretty easily because dogs are just so easy to care about. They are fun, excitable, and always ready for adventure. Bonding with a dog is an even greater experience that takes love to the next level, and dog training is a good way to work on that bond.

Why Bond with a Dog

The bond that a dog and his owner share is something precious because it is the reason that your dog listens to your commands, has appropriate behavior and does not run away any time the front door is left open. Developing the bond takes time and energy from both parties, but the effort is well worth it.

When you and your dog have formed a bond, that means there is mutual trust and respect. While you may fall instantly in love with your dog (and vice versa), the kind of deep bond that forms which garners trust takes more time. At K9aholics in Virginia Beach, VA, our dog training classes led by expert dog trainers can help you find new and innovative ways of bonding with your dog.

Tips from Professional Dog Trainers for Improving Your Bond

The best dog trainers at K9aholics in Virginia Beach, VA, know how special it is to have a bond with your pet. We offer exceptional dog training classes (even puppy training classes) designed to help you bond even more quickly with your pet.

Here are some other ways that you may be able to form that special bond with your dog:

  • Learn some new tricks and practice with positive dog training methods. – For a dog’s training, most owners will work diligently to help him learn the basic commands like sit, stay, and come. But there should be some continuing education in dog training where he strives to learn more complicated tricks like giving a high five. It will continue to work on your bond through obedience training and allow your dog to expand his brain.
  • Use only positive reinforcement and praise during obedience training. – When you are working on a specific dog training skill, especially when it comes to obedience training, there is nothing like the power of positive reinforcement and yummy treats! Dog trainers have always used positive reinforcement during a dog’s training to ensure the dog remains engaged and wants to learn.
  • Play games and keep it fresh and fun. – Dogs love to play, and they especially enjoy it when their owners get involved too. It is a good way to spend time with the dog and continue to work on that bond. If you are enthusiastic about the game (fetching, tug-o-war, hide and seek), then that will bring your dog even more happy knowing that you are having fun too. Dogs know when their owners are truly happy.
  • Spontaneity is the spice of life – even for a dog! – Dogs are able to get into a daily rhythm and they do very well with that routine. But, they also enjoy a surprise now and again. New treats, a different outdoor adventure, or a new toy can have a great positive impact on your dog.
  • Workout together. – Everyone knows the benefits of a good exercise routine, and when you are able to complete a workout with your dog, it will be great for both of you. Going for a run or a walk together is good exercise, brings you closer to each other, and gives your dog a chance to see new things and get in some good sniffs!

It is certainly important for a dog owner to spend plenty of quality time with their dog and form a special bond. The closer you and your dog feel to one another, the better the relationship will be for all involved. Giving your dog the best possible experiences will enrich their life and bring you joy that you could never have imagined.

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Our dog and puppy training team also understands the value of bonding with your dog, and you can do that very easily at our indoor dog training gym. We will work with you and your dog very closely to ensure the lessons are being learned properly, but we will also give you enough room so that your dog knows you are the one to listen to and continue to bond with.

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