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Whether you have adopted rescue dogs from the local shelter or gotten a purebred dog from a breeder, that furry friend will need to be trained to be a good canine citizen and have a great relationship with you and your entire family.

Every dog breed requires training in basic obedience, potty training, basic manners, and other essential doggie activities. Obedience training ensures that dog behavior is predictable and reliable in any situation. Using positive reinforcement and suitable training methods, you can trust your dog to act in a particular manner in every circumstance.

At K9aholics, our professional dog trainers are here to help pet parents with their dog’s training in Virginia Beach, VA. We have a dog training program that will meet the needs of all types of dogs, including those with issues such as separation anxiety or other unwanted behaviors.

Whether a new puppy or an adult dog, your furry friend will get exceptional training from a professional dog trainer on our staff.

What Is Professional Dog Training?

Investing in a professional dog training program is an essential part of dog ownership. Behaviors that begin during puppyhood will generally continue and increase throughout the dog’s adult life. If those behaviors are positive, he will be a happy dog, and his owner will be proud to have such a well-mannered pet. However, bad behavior can endanger the animals and dog owners, especially around other dogs.

To ensure that you and your furry companion have a happy and healthy life, dog training must begin as early as possible. While little puppy nipping, for instance, may be cute at first, it can become dangerous if the nips turn into bites in an adult dog.

Barking and growling in the dog park as a puppy can lead to serious aggression in adulthood. That is why expert dog training is essential, starting at a young age.

Group Training Classes

If your pet appears friendly around other dogs, you may be interested in signing up for the group classes we offer at K9aholics in Virginia Beach, VA. Not only will your dog receive training from an expert dog trainer, but he will also be given an opportunity for socialization.

When a dog learns and can build confidence in the many behaviors he is developing, he will understand how to have a better relationship with his owners and act appropriately around other canines. Group training classes can also help curb the need to bark excessively or act aggressively since it will be a calm and comforting atmosphere for learning.

One-On-One Training

Our dog trainers offer one-on-one training opportunities if your dog is not ready to learn in a big group. During each session, you and your pup will meet with one of our trainers and work on the proper behaviors and basic obedience necessary for your dog to be a good canine companion.

Private lessons can also help your pup’s separation anxiety and other psychological issues.

Board And Train Programs

With our board and training programs, your dog will have an intensive training experience with our trainers. We offer 1-, 2-, and 3-week program options to work on basic manners, loose-leash walking, aggression problems, duration commands, and more.

Puppy Training

Training is integral to his development into adulthood when your dog is still a puppy. Typically, puppy training includes:

  • Curbing unwanted behaviors such as nipping and biting
  • Jumping on people
  • Having accidents in the house
  • Destroying items that are not toys
  • Pulling on his leash

We can also work on crate training to ensure that your pet remains where you want him to.

Benefits Of Obedience Training With Professional Dog Trainers in Virginia Beach

There are many benefits of professional obedience training with an expert trainer such as ours at K9aholics in Virginia Beach, VA. Some of the most important advantages of dog training include:

  • Forming the strongest possible bond between you and your furry companion as you go through each stage of the training process
  • Increasing your friendship with your dog as you build trust and give plenty of treats and pets to your companion
  • Learning great training techniques that can be used throughout your dog’s life to continue working on good behaviors
  • Maintaining your and your dog’s safety in every situation, knowing that your dog has learned to be trustworthy and reliable.
  • Make sure your dog feels confident when interacting with other animals and people.
  • Preventing the development of aggressive behaviors
  • Ensuring that interactions in public are not stressful for the dog or his owner

If you are a dog owner looking for a great dog training program in Virginia Beach, Virginia, search no further than K9aholics. Our trainers have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to teach your furry friend the right behaviors you want and expect.

We are happy to discuss our programs with you to ensure that you have enrolled your pet in the best classes to meet their needs.

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From puppies to adult dogs, our trainers at K9aholics in Virginia Beach, VA, are here to eliminate unwanted behaviors from your dog and show him how to be a good citizen. We will teach you the advantages of using positive reinforcement throughout the training.

Once you have completed the training program, you will have the resource you need to continue working on good behaviors with your pet.

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