How to Earn Your Dog’s Respect As An Alpha

Nothing is more rewarding than owning, training, and caring for a dog. Dogs are exceptional companions, and pet owners can rely on the dog’s loyalty and love no matter the circumstances. Throughout the dog’s entire life, he will be by your side and show you the love and respect he believes you need and deserves as his owner.

Sometimes, though, the traits inherent in a dog’s genetic code will kick in, and the dog will attempt to become an alpha dog over his owner. It stems from its origin in packs (much like wolf packs), and a dominant dog may show aggressive behavior and domineering toward other dogs and human family members.

Some breeds are more likely to be aggressive dogs, while others are more submissive. Given the opportunity, dominant dogs will control and assert their dominance over their owners. An aggressive dog must be curbed of these behaviors as soon as possible so that an owner can take dog walks and other activities without concern.

When you have a dog (or more than one dog), they must behave as well-trained pets, not the way wolves behave. The best way to correct bad behavior and prevent the dog from becoming the alpha leader is through expert obedience training such as ours at K9aholics in Virginia Beach, VA. Our obedience training classes will teach the dog respect for his owner to realize his owner is the alpha leader. This way, the dog will observe pack leadership rules – the way dogs operate in the wild.

The Importance of Being a Pack Leader to Alpha Dogs

The bad behavior will continue when an owner has not earned a dog’s respect and has allowed that animal to become the alpha leader over humans and other dogs. No amount of dog treats will get behavior problems resolved. A dog will become destructive and aggressive unless a strong alpha leader emerges.

The alpha role is the pack leader, and respect training will ensure that your dog recognizes you as that leader. An alpha will guide the submissive dogs and lead them to a healthy, fruitful life. For a well-rounded canine companion in your life, positive reinforcement during respect training is essential.

You may also need to give corrective commands to ensure that destructive or aggressive behavior is never learned or accepted. Making eye contact, giving timeouts, tapping on the underside of the dog’s chin (a wild canine behavior), gently grabbing their ears and shaking, and performing an alpha role (extreme circumstances only) may all keep your dog under control in every circumstance.

Ways to Earn Respect through Obedience Training

Obedience training is far more than simply learning to sit, stay, heel, or rollover. Advanced training works on respect and good off-leash walking with your dog. During our training sessions at K9aholics, we reinforce the benefits of making eye contact with your dog and diligently demonstrate that you are the alpha to your entire pack.

Becoming the alpha leader does not mean that you frighten your dog or use scare tactics when the dog steps out of line. It simply means that you utilize balanced and respectful assertions of dominance and sharp verbal correction when needed. You will also use positive reinforcement when the dog acts appropriately to demonstrate that you are willing to praise good behavior and discipline.

One of the first and most important things that an owner needs to learn before asserting dominance over his dog is training himself to have the alpha mentality. As the dog’s owner, you need to take the lead position in everything you do and remember that the dog is one of the pack members. Control your emotions because erratic body language gives the dog a chance to take control.

Another aspect of obedience training that reinforces respect for the alpha leader is ensuring that all actions the dog takes care on your verbal commands. Sound leadership ensures that the dog knows you are always in control in any situation. It also prevents behavioral problems. From eating meals to playtime to entering your personal space, it should do all activities for the dog with your approval.

Finally, it would be best to be consistent with rules, positive reinforcement, and correct bad behavior. From the time you start your dog’s training (even for an older dog), be sure to stay consistent at all times. If you are not consistent with your rules, rewards, or punishments, the dog will never know how to act appropriately truly, and he will end up working in the way that he thinks is right. Repetition is the number one way dogs learn the proper ways to act.

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Dog training is not as easy as it may seem. Dogs will act how they think is right unless they are taught otherwise. When you own a dog, you want it to be a consistent source of love and joy for you, but aggressive or destructive behavior can be challenging. With great dog training from the professionals, you can rest assured that your furry friend will be a source of happiness and companionship to you and your family. The first step toward that happiness is obedience training at K9aholics.

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