Top 10 Obedience Commands for Your Dog

The Benefits of Dog Training in Virginia Beach

Dog training builds a language of communication between you and your pet. This language makes your dog feel safe and will help him stay on the right track. Training classes also prevent your puppy or dog from developing unwanted behaviors such as:

  • jumping on other dogs.

  • Socialization problems such as growling at strangers.

  • Barking at other dogs

  • pulling the leash

Inconsistent training and incorrect punishments are the most common causes of behavior problems in most dogs. For first-time dog owners, training their dog may be a difficult task.


Puppy and Dog Obedience Training in Virginia Beach

Puppy training may be difficult for first-time dog owners. If you want to teach your dog or puppy something, this blog will talk about 10 obedience training commands you should teach your dog and how dog training sessions work.

Ten Obedience Commands You Should Teach Your Dog

When should dog trainers begin teaching obedience commands to their dogs? Start grooming your puppy as soon as you bring it home. In case you want to pay for private lessons in the future, your trainer will have an easy time.

When training, begin with the most vital life skills. Safety commands will rescue your pet from a road accident. Here is a list of ten commands your dog should know:

1. Come: This signal directs the dog to go in the direction of its owner. This signal keeps your dog out of trouble. Put a collar or a leash on your dog. Keep a short distance between you and your dog, and pull the leash toward you while instructing the dog to come. Give your dog a treat and praise it. Repeat this training until your pet gets it. They will eventually come when called.

2. Leave it: Human beings say no to setting boundaries. This command will inform your pet that whatever it picks is off-limits. “Leave it” or “no” will keep your dog from eating something bad or grabbing something he shouldn’t.

3. Look: This command encourages your dog to focus on you. The owner takes a treat and encloses it in her hand. Move your hand toward the dog’s nose until you establish eye contact. After you get your pet’s attention, command it to “watch me.” Give your dog the treat as a reward.

4. Lie down: Dogs can jump over your bed and furniture. The owner sets a specific place for the dog to sleep. This command is to help you calm down your dog. Take a treat in your hand and let the dog sniff the treat until it’s in a lying position. Give the command “down” and reward the pet after the session.


5. Sit: If you want to get rid of your leash soon, train your dog to stay. This command manages unruly behaviors when needed. “Sit” and “stay” commands are taught almost at the same time. Take a treat with you to entice your pet. Wait until the dog is in a sitting position. Tell it to sit. This technique is used when teaching the “stay” command. This teaches your puppy to be calm whenever necessary.

6. Stand: This command gets a puppy in the right place when it needs to stand. Give the “sit” command. Use a treat to move your pup toward the direction of your hand. Tell your dog to “stand” once in position.

7. Wait: This command prevents your pup from loitering without your supervision. When your dog is outside the car, command it to wait by opening your palm and then saying “wait.”

8. Heel: This command helps your dog behave while standing right beside you. Hold the leash in one hand and the treat in the other. Instruct your dog to sit or stand. Give the command “heel” when the dog is in position.


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9. Quiet: This command stops the dog from barking. This training prevents the dog from barking at passersby and disturbing the neighbors.

10. Name Recognition: A safe place a trainer should begin is by familiarizing them with their name, your voice tone, and safety commands.


What Should I Do Before a Dog Obedience Training Session?

 In all training methods, rewards are important. Treats have positive reinforcement. Make sure you have your dog’s full attention during the training sessions. Training treats give your pets a sense of accomplishment.

Your dog may want a toy or food as a treat. While teaching your pup, use treats that will get their attention.

You also need to think about where you will train your puppies. Train your dog in an environment that is free from distractions. Pick a place in your house that will allow you to have private sessions with your pets. You want your pet to only focus on what you teach.

Patience is vital in dog training. Dog training requires a lot of time and sacrifice, and a dog owner should be aware of everything that goes into dog training. If you do not have the time or skills for dog and puppy training, enroll your pet in our dog training program at K9aholics.


What Are Some of the Activities That Take Place in Dog Obedience Training?

If you have difficulties training your dog, enroll them in professional training classes. Activities and programs available include:

  • Boot camp: A boot camp offers potty training, socialization, and private lessons. Training facilities have the proper equipment to ensure your pet is well-trained. A boot camp is an option for owners having difficulties training their dogs and can train any size or breed.

  • Crate training: This is training to help your dog accept a cage as a safe place.

  • Private sessions and group classes: This class will improve their mental stimulation, physical activity, and communication. They have programs for dogs with behaviors related to separation anxiety.

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