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Spacious & Safe Doggy Daycare in Virginia Beach & Norfolk, VA

Dog Daycare at a Spacious, State-of-the-Art Facility in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, VA, and Surrounding Areas 

Our Doggie Daycare is a Fun, Safe Space to for Your Dog to Exercise, Socialize & Play While You Work or Travel

For many dog lovers, having a pup is no different from having a child at home. So, it’s easy to see why it just doesn’t sit right with you to leave them behind, with no caregiver, any time you need to be away. At K9aholics, we offer the best doggie daycare and boarding in Norfolk, Virginia Beach and surrounding areas in Eastern, VA 

So, whether you need a place to leave your pup as you go for your 9-5 or need to travel out of town for a couple of days, we are here to make sure your furry baby gets the best care possible. Go on and call us, or drop your dog off for a fun day with our highly trained pet experts! 

Why is Dog Daycare Good for Your Pup? 

Now, if you are probably wondering whether dog daycare is right for your pup, we are here to tell you it is likely the best decision you can make for them. 

Doggy Daycare in Norfolk VA

Some specific benefits you get can include: 

1. Offers a Dog-Friendly Place to Socialize 

Dogs are, without a doubt, social animals. So, your pup will definitely enjoy spending time playing and interacting with other dogs at our daycare and training facility. Now, the first day will be a little difficult if your dog has never socialized with new dogs. But with a bit of time and the involvement of our qualified doggie daycare staff, they will be playing and having fun in no time! 

2. It Can Help with Separation Anxiety & Destructive Behavior

Does your dog have a hard time every time you have to leave them? Does your heart break a little every time you see them sad but have no alternative? Dog daycare is a great solution for you and your pup. Your dog can spend the day productively engaged in our canine-friendly facility while you study, work, or travel stress-free.

And the best part? You do not have to worry about your pup being destructive when left alone in the house. 

3. It Helps Put Training into Practice 

Dog daycare can also help improve dog behavior by giving pups a real-world environment to put everything they learn into practice, including how to behave in the presence of other animals. And the best part is that, since K9aholics specializes in puppy and dog training, you can add obedience training sessions to your daycare schedule.


4. Ensures You Rest Too 

Most times, we have schedules so busy that even taking our dogs for walks can seem like such a chore. With dog daycare, you get to rest when you get home with a happy, satisfied pup. 

Puppy Training

Why K9aholics DogTraining? 

We work hard to be the best daycare for dog parents in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, VA, and surrounding cities . Having many years in the business, we have worked with hundreds of dogs, providing training, boarding, and daycare. 

So, how do we stay at the top? Well, we offer some unique benefits, including: 

Individualized Care 

We provide great care and attention to every dog in our facility. That means creating activities your dog will enjoy, accommodating their unique needs, and monitoring their health/vitals regularly.

You don’t have to worry about a thing when your pup is in our care. And we can also offer dog washing and grooming services if you need them.

Spacious Playrooms & Outdoor Area 

Our dog facility combines sanitary indoor playrooms with a spacious grassy area to give your dog enough room to run, play, and basically be themselves. Ours is a cage-free kind of daycare designed to build happy, active dogs. 

Trained Handlers & Dog Trainers 

All our staff are highly trained in handling different dogs and have years of on-the-job experience. So, whether you are bringing your pets for a few hours or overnight boarding, you can be sure they will be in the best hands in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, VA, and surrounding areas.

Activities for Even the Most Active Dogs 

We love dogs and do our best to keep them busy, full, and happy. We have so much to offer, from playing ball in a green outdoor space to some water splashing on those hot days. We keep your dog busy during the day to help curb behavioral issues, loneliness, and boredom.

Is Your Pup Lonely & Bored on Most Days? Add Color to Their Life with Our Doggy Daycare 

Being alone in the house on a hot day is not the best place for your pup. But life must move on, and you cannot spend every minute with your furry buddy, no matter how much you want to. What you need is daycare

So, where can I find a good doggy daycare near you? 

This is why we decided to start our doggy daycare service in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and surrounding areas in Virginia. We give your dog a place they can be themselves, burning their pent-up energy exercising, playing, and making four-legged friends. Your dog will love it, and so will you. 

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