Things to Consider Before Getting a Puppy

Whether you have had dogs throughout your life or are new to the dog ownership scene, adopting a puppy is a big decision. When you look at their little faces, you can’t help but feel the love and happiness in their eyes. They are also just so darn cute! It is important to remember that puppies (and the dogs they become) will rely on you for the entirety of their lives to support them and give them all of the things they need.

Anyone considering adopting a puppy should be well aware of the great responsibilities and needs associated with the puppy. Making sure that the new puppy in your life is well cared for, happy, and healthy is a life-long commitment, so the decision should be carefully considered from all angles. With the right care and love, your puppy will grow into a healthy dog who loves you unconditionally and will protect you and your family in any situation.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Puppy

At K9aholics Dog Training, our professional dog trainers understand how amazing it is to have a loyal best friend. Still, we are also aware of the great responsibilities of being pet parents. In addition to providing your furry friend with food, water, toys, and love, it is also important to get the right puppy training and ensure you have enough time and patience to raise your puppy into a full-grown, healthy dog. Our dog training experts have the knowledge, skills, and resources to help you teach your proper dog behaviors with positive reinforcement and fun.

Are You Thinking of Adopting a Puppy? Here Are Some Factors to Consider:

Puppies Are a Time Commitment

Dogs of any age, especially puppies, need a lot of time and energy from their owners. When you own a dog, it is not enough to be in the same home as the animal, and expect that to be enough. Dogs rely on their owners for everything they need, including time for cuddling and play. You need to make sure that your job and lifestyle are conducive to owning and raising a dog.

Puppies Need Plenty of Space to Get Bigger

Most breeds of dogs start fairly small as puppies. However, this small size does not last for very long as it gets older. When looking at various breeds that you may consider adopting, be sure you choose a breed of dog that suits your lifestyle and the size of your home.

For example, a Mastiff will not do well in a small, one-bedroom apartment based on its size. Likewise, you will not want to adopt a Greyhound who intends to run great distances daily if you do not have access to expanses of land or a big dog park.

Puppies Require Lots of Stuff

When you first adopt a puppy, you will also need to purchase various things that your new furry friend will need. Special food designed for puppies(if the dog has special dietary needs, you must buy the right kind of food). A food, water dish, toys, collar/harness and leash, treats, a dog bed, and crate training or potty training essentials. These items should all be factored into the initial cost of adoption before you make any decisions.

Puppy Training Classes Are a Big Plus

puppy training program may be exactly what your puppy needs to learn the basics of obedience training. At K9aholics, we have the best dog trainers who use positive reinforcement techniques to help your puppy learn simple commands, potty training, leash training, and more. Our expert dog trainers offer private lessons and group classes with other dogs, depending on your puppy’s needs. Often, rescue dogs prefer to engage with their owners and dog trainers during one-on-one dog training and puppy classes. Your dog’s training can set the stage for his behavior for the rest of his life.

Frequent Visits to the Veterinarian Are a Must

When puppies are young and have just been adopted, they will need to be taken to the vet frequently for wellness checkups, vaccinations, microchipping, and neutering/spaying. Your vet will also provide you with all of the information and treatments your dog may need throughout his life. For these treatments and appointments, you may want to invest in pet insurance to help you pay for these visits as well as any medical issues that may arise.

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If you are a new puppy owner or considering adopting a puppy, be sure you do your research and figure out if you are ready for the lifelong commitment to that dog. From food and toys to proper training sessions for obedience skills and potty training, dog owners should be aware of just how much time, effort, energy, money, and patience it takes to have a puppy.

For those who have adopted a dog and want to ensure that he is growing up to be a good canine citizen through basic obedience and social skills with other dogs, contact K9aholics to learn more about our training facility and training methods.

At K9aholics, we offer a variety of dog training that range from board and train programs to behavior modification (changing bad or unpleasant behaviors your dog has learned). We can even work with you and your puppy through issues such as separation anxiety. Our dog trainers understand the best ways to train dogs of all varieties and want to help the residents of Virginia Beach, VA, have the best dogs they can.

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