What Makes Virginia Beach So Great

From freshly caught seafood and pristine natural wonders to a vibrant downtown district, Virginia Beach is one of the best vacation spots. Don’t believe us? Here are more reasons you should consider visiting Virginia Beach.

The Beaches

The scenic Chesapeake Bay is perfect for beach-goers looking for gentler waves. It is home to 1.25 miles of beachfront and 0ver 19 miles of trails through tidal marsh, freshwater ponds, salt mash habitat, cypress swamp, dunes, and beach. It’s also home to multiple family-friendly attractions, including the dockside seafood restaurants, First Landing State Park, and the Cape Henry Lighthouse.

Virginia Beach

The Resort City boasts a park-like atmosphere that stretches for miles. It’s home to beach playgrounds, quaint shops, and a fishing pier for those who relish maritime activities. The Virginia Beach Boardwalk stretches from 2nd to 40th Street and boasts a separate bike path that’s perfect for biking, rollerblading, and strolling.

Sandbridge Beach is a secluded beach hideaway nestled against the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The oceanfront-view condominiums and rentals offer refuge after a long day of exploring the biking trails and kayaking excursions.

Virginia Beach also offers sporting opportunities like boating, jet skiing, kayaking, swimming, and biking with your trained pup on the side streets.

There Is A Rich History to Discover

Virginia Beach was officially founded in 1887 and was nicknamed Resort City. It became the first landing site for 140 English settlers in 1607, and 13 years later, pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock.

The First Landing State Park is known for that early expedition and has become the most visited state park as it continues to honor local heritage. It is a maritime forest community that contains some of the world’s most endangered habitat types, including maritime forests, ocean beaches, ponds, barrier islands, and beech woodland.

Chesapeake Bay

The Cape Henry Lighthouse also offers a great way to connect with the city’s past. It’s federally funded public work that provides a great view of Chesapeake Bay. Visitors can learn more about how nautical sculptures shaped the city’s history at the Surf and Rescue Museum.

Be sure to visit the 18th-century lighthouse at Fort Story. The old brick tower helped guide ships through the bay and featured an observation deck.

Explore Town Center And ViBe Creative District

Culture and art lovers will appreciate what Virginia Beach’s Town Center and ViBe District have to offer. The former is located ten minutes from the oceanfront and is a hotspot for entertainment, dining, and shopping. There are plenty of ways to pass the time in the evening, from relishing live entertainment at the Zeiders American Dream Theater to laughing the night away at Funny Bone Comedy Club & Restaurant. You can wind down your day with a much-needed rest at one of the many hotels in the Town Center.

Don’t forget to visit the ViBe Creative District, a vibrant community of local artists and cafes offering an unforgettable experience. You can watch local artists work their magic at the Virginia Beach Art Center or the makers crafting custom signs, handbags, and wood pieces.

There Is Always A Party Somewhere

Virginia Beach is a coastal city with a penchant for a good time, evidenced by all manner of events that occur throughout the year. Something in the Water is a music festival in April created by Pharrell Williams.

The Live on Atlantic Programme hosts music events on stages set up along Atlantic Avenue and the Boardwalk. The Neptune Festival Park hosts the Neptune Festival and draws thousands to the city each year in September. You can let loose, enjoy live music, and watch artists compete in the International Sand Sculpting Championship.

Getting There Is Half the Fun

You can forget the expansive highways from Washington DC or further up north. Take the scenic route down to Delmarva Pensisula down the Eastern Shore and into the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. The 20-mile bridge is a 20-mile engineering marvel that offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean on both sides.

Discover the Countryside Charm Of Virginia Beach

Located just a few minutes from Sandbridge, Pungo is an expansive 9,300 hectares of farmland. Some of the farms offer a truly Pungo experience by allowing you to pick berries, a fresh bouquet, and produce. It lends a rural serenity that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in Virginia Beach.

You can head to the nearby Sandbridge afterward to slow down and unwind. The community is incredibly peaceful, while the pristine dunes and dancing sea oats offer some of the most popular photo opportunities. Visitors who crave more of the great outdoors can explore the False Cape State Park or the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge for kayaking, fishing, and hiking.

Whether you are after the American beach break or want to move, Virginia Beach is the place to be. It has a rich cultural heritage, beachfront restaurants offering fine dining, spectacular natural wonders, and fascinating military history.

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