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There has been an increase in dog adoptions because isolated Americans working from home were looking for companionship. It has created a demand for and supply of positive enforcement dog trainers.

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As much as you may love your furry pet dog companion, the truth is, they are not as much fun to have if they are untrained to behave properly. Training is essential so that a dog avoids unwanted behavior and acts in the specified way you want them to.

Training a dog is a daunting task and can be understandably overwhelming. Dog training is a behavior application analysis that uses environmental events and consequences for a dog’s behavior modification to do particular tasks effectively.

A dog needs to be trained as soon as possible to go to its crate, go potty, come, sit and stay. However, this does not have to be so, as there are dog training centers that offer private classes for in-home training so that dogs learn to be well-behaved in society.

The new current approach to raising the modern dog places importance on a dog’s socialization, especially at the age of eight to 20 weeks. This approach emphasizes:

  • The value of reward-based training.
  • Early socialization.
  • Employment of positive reinforcement.

Due to developments in science, there is a wide selection of canine enrichment resources available to dog owners for puppy classes these days. They include; entertainment toys, puzzles, choke/shock collars, and workshops.

Aversive-Based Vs. Reward-Based Training

Aversive-based technique- also called discipline training- involves using negative reinforcement to train a dog. It includes physical corrections, unpleasant noises, and harsh scolding to get a dog to behave the way you want them to.

Reward-based training involves using rewards – like belly rubs, a chance to play with a favorite toy, praise and treats to reinforce good behavior.

Aversive training results in the dog doing what you want them to because they want to avoid the unpleasant feeling. Reward-based training makes dogs do as they are told because they associate it with a pleasant feeling.

Both aversive and reward-based training techniques work, and different experts prefer one over the other. However, reward-based training is recommended if you want your dog to be loving.

Through scientific research, practice, and experience, professional dog trainers discovered that dogs trained using aversive methods, like shock collars or leash corrections, displayed significantly more stress.

It was observable in their behavior of whining, pacing, licking, and yawning. On the other hand, dogs trained using reward-based and positive reinforcement performed universally better at tasks put in front of them.

Our training atK9aholics Dog Training is based purely on a foundation of positive reinforcement. We do this not by bribing the dog or punishing, but by training your dog patiently using something they like.

Our Dog Training Services:

They include:

House and Crate Training

Also called housebreaking or potty training, it is one lesson a dog essentially needs unless you plan to keep them outdoors. Crate private dog training takes time and can be difficult, and you need to seek a professional dog trainer who can help.

Basic Commands and Fun Tricks

Every dog should know these basic commands; sit, stay, heel, come and go. We can also do basic obedience training in private in-home lessons, especially recall. Recall training is essential because it keeps your dog safe.

Recall can be done in private lessons at home and involves training your dog to make them come back to you.


Socialization helps prevent your dog from having phobias and fears and helps them become generally welcomed by society. Dog socialization trains them to accept other animals, different people, and new places by exposing them to these things.

Dog socialization is necessary as early as possible after the dog comes home.

Leash Training

Every dog should be taught how to walk with a leash. A loose leash walk makes it enjoyable to walk with your dog anywhere.

  • Clicker Training.
  • Troubleshooting and Proofing Behavior.
  • Training Guide dogs for the Visually Impaired.
  • Training a Therapy Dog for anyone with mental health problems.
  • Dog-Owner Education.

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