Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Personal Protection

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Personal Protection

Dogs are man’s best friends. They are loyal, protective, and show unconditional love to their owners.

Because of their protective instinct, most dog breeds can go through a dog training program to make them excellent protection dogs.

When selecting the best dog breeds for protection training, you must always look for a large breed that is fearless and responsive to training and be loyal and obedient.

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Personal Protection Dogs

Trained dogs stay at their owner’s side in times of conflict instead of attacking the enemy like a conventional police dog.

They are obedience trained and take commands that enable their owners to take control of situations where the dog is engaged.

If you are looking for a new protection dog, here is a list of ten dogs with the best traits for personal protection.

German Shepherd

This breed is highly favored and popular when it comes to personal protection.

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This breed’s combination of strength, stamina, size and biting power endears it to many police departments as a guard dog, and its loyalty makes it a great family dog.

They become less nervous through socialization and training and can handle pressure quite well, making them a great companion for the entire family. They also need at least two hours of exercise daily.

Cane Corso

This fiercely-looking breed stands about 65cm vertically and is very muscular and powerful.

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Its intimidating appearance makes this breed the right choice for personal protection and wadding strangers. Apart from their fierce looks, the Cane Corso exudes calm confidence and only attack when need be.

Belgian Malinois

Like german shepherds, this breed is quite popular with military units and police departments.

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Although smaller than german shepherds, they exude higher energy and intensity levels. Because of their high energy levels, they require regular exercise to make them active and happy.

These traits make them well suited for search and rescue missions and, with proper training and socialization, can be very wonderful personal protection dogs.


Bull Mastiffs

This large, intimidating, and natural guard dog was initially bred to guard large estates and keep poachers at bay.

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They have a powerful bite almost three times that of an average dog, which adds to their intimidating nature, but they can be very affectionate to their owners. They also require less exercise compared to other dogs.

Doberman Pinscher

This breed has an imposing physical structure and is relatively fast and alert.

These features make it look aggressive, but you will be surprised to know that its aggressive trait has been diluted through many years of dog breeding techniques and methods.

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Therefore, it is a loving, loyal, and brave breed with unrivaled high intelligence levels. It has very sharp instincts that enable it to serve as a guard dog with very little training compared to other dog breeds.


Its history dates back to feudal Japan, where they were bred to protect and guard Japanese royal families.

Unlike other breeds 0n this list, Akitas are not physically intimidating, but their intelligence and curiosity rank them high on the protection dog list. Their intelligence and curiosity make them ideal for alerting you or your family members of any lurking dangers.

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Apart from socialization training to control their aggression and some little protection training, Akitas may only need some form of obedience training to ensure they can take commands when the situation calls for it.


This breed is loyal to its owner but can be aggressive and hesitant of strangers.

Their loyalty and affection make them the ideal protection dog, but their intelligence and natural ability to face any threats without hesitation make them excellent guard dogs.


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In the hands of a professional dog trainer wearing a bite sleeve to avoid dog bites and injuries, training can simulate a scenario where the dog chases the intruder in an attack situation and hold them down by biting and holding on to intruders until called off.

Combined with their power and aggression, this ability makes them excellent as guard dogs.



Another member of the working dogs’ group originated from Hungary and was initially bred to herd sheep.

It shows affection towards family members and reservations around strangers and the general public, making it an excellent pet to have.

Through structured training methods, it can be trained to offer personal protection.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

This breed has sharp protection instincts and does not need guard dog training as its history precedes it.

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They fall under a distinct group of dogs bred for hunting, and they were bred to hunt lions and other game animals. These dogs are generally quiet and respond to danger and intruders like your typical alarm system in that when they start barking, you automatically know that something is wrong.

Their prey drive may come in handy while training them as potential guard dogs.

American Staffordshire Terrier

This breed ticks all the boxes necessary for personal protection dogs with a reputation for aggression coupled with a muscular body and strong jaws.

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These traits have led to some cunning owners enlisting them into dangerous dog sports like dogfighting, but you need to train them adequately to bring out their protection dog instincts and make them adorable pets.

The most important aspect of their training should be obedience and socialization to ensure they can take commands when needed.

Personal Protection Dog Training

Personal protection dog training can be a long process.

Therefore for the best outcome, it should begin early and should be left in the hands of professional dog trainers who can tailor a dog’s training structure for varied purposes. Training can vary from basic obedience training to more complex training like therapy training.

The desired outcome of the training will vary depending on the dog breed.

In addition to personal protection dog training, you may consider the following specialized training for your dogs.

  • Obedience Training

  • Behavioral Training

  • Tracking and retrieving training

  • Agility training

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