Board and Train: What to Expect?

Although every dog has a unique personality and may not respond well to certain training methods, a board and train program is one of the latest and most innovative ways to teach dogs basic obedience and other essential behaviors.

Dog trainers have begun developing unique board and train programs designed to fit any personality and work on dog behaviors through intensive training sessions.

At K9aholics, our expert dog trainers have developed board and train programs that will suit just about any dog and provide the assistance that dog parents need for their dog’s behavior.

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When it comes to the board and train environment, our trainers work diligently to ensure that every dog is comfortable, relaxed, and able to learn.

Each dog trainer at K9aholics has the experience and knowledge needed to provide exceptional dog training throughout Virginia Beach, VA.

What Is the Board and Train Program?

The board and train method provides an intensive training environment for the enrolled dogs.

At K9aholics, we offer 1-, 2-, and 3-week dog training programs where our professional trainer works with your dog consistently throughout their time with us so that they can learn and develop the skills needed to be a great canine citizen.

While dogs are at the board and train facilities, they are taught the basic commands and provided with the best possible care.

Everything that you would typically give your dog at home will also be offered during their stay at a board and train facility.

Training classes will often be done with other dogs around so that your dog can engage in socialization while working on becoming a well-behaved dog.

Why Are Board and Train Programs a Good Option for Dog Owners?

When you enroll your dog in a board and train program, you can expect to see certain results.

Although these programs are not designed to work magic for a dog with certain problem behaviors that will take time and patience to overcome, they provide the foundation for proper manners and teaching of certain behaviors.

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Our dog trainer can also lay the groundwork for solving problematic behavioral issues that can continue with in-home training.

No matter how many dogs you have had in the past, training classes for your current dog will be beneficial. However, certain behaviors may not be suitable for board and train programs.

If your dog has separation anxiety, taking him away from you for even a day could worsen the problem. Our trainers at K9aholics recommend private training rather than boarding for cases such as these.

What Should I Expect from the Board and Train Program?

One of the biggest questions we receive is what to expect from the program. Pet parents want to know what will happen while their pets are in our professional care.

That is a great question to ask, and our team at K9aholics is happy to discuss all of the details of our training process with you before you decide to entrust us with your furry friend.

We offer three levels of the boarding and training program.

These include:

  • 1-week: During the 1-week training program, your dog will learn fundamental obedience’s foundational aspects. It includes sit, stay, down, loose-leash walking, and front-door boundaries. This week-long program lays the foundation for your dog to be the best possible companion for you and your family.

  • 2-week: The 2-week program continues the fundamentals described for the 1-week version and begins to advance the learning. Rather than only basic commands, your dog will also learn to act appropriately in public places like parks and on vacations. We work to prevent animals from becoming aggressive dogs or jumping on strangers.

  • 3-week: The most intensive program is 3 weeks and will include everything above plus much more advanced skills such as off-leash walking and duration commands.

Along with all the training that your dog will go through, we also take great care to ensure that the dogs are well taken care of during their entire stay.

They will get all the essentials (food, water, shelter, playtime), socialization, and plenty of love.


At K9aholics, we truly love what we do, and our experienced trainers are dedicated to helping to transform your dog into a good canine citizen. 

After the training, you will be able to trust that your dog will listen to your commands, and our in-home training can also bring you and your pet closer together.

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If you are a dog owner looking for a boarding facility that provides you and your dog with exceptional dog training classes, look no further than K9aholics in Virginia Beach, VA.


Our team is committed to offering the best board and train programs environment so that your dog is calm, relaxed, and comfortable while he learns all of the basics of good dog behavior.

Our team knows that not all dogs are the same, and we will go through the behavior history of your dog to ensure that we understand what he needs.

We are more than happy to discuss our programs with you and make sure that you are comfortable leaving your dog in our care.

The trainers can also provide you with information on online dog training and private sessions in your own home and at your own pace.

In addition to the boarding and training program, K9aholics also offers puppy trainingbehavior modification, and personal protection training.

If these programs interest you and you would like more information, give us a call today, and our trainers will be happy to tell you more about these great programs.

Our goal is to make sure you and your dog have the best possible life together with exceptional training strategies.

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