Dog Training Classes in Alexandria, VA

Professional Dog Training Classes in Alexandria, VA

One of the best parts of having a dog in your home is knowing that they will listen to whatever command you give them. Whether you are just practicing tricks in the backyard, working on therapy dog training, or are at a dog park in Alexandria, VA, you can rest assured that your pet will be there and do whatever it is you need him to do.

But this obedience does not come automatically. It requires work, patience, dedication, and obedience training. Some dog owners are able to train dogs at home and at their own pace. Others, though, prefer to have the experience and knowledge of a certified professional dog trainer at their side.


At K9aholics Dog Training in Alexandria, VA, our dog trainers are experienced and up-to-date with modern dog training techniques and are happy to help you with your dog’s training. Most dog trainers are also dog lovers, and that is true for our professional dog training experts at K9aholics. We will work with you and your furry friend to make sure that you are bonding, having fun, and learning at the same time.

What Is Dog and Puppy Training?

Dog and puppy training is essential, no matter what type of breed or age. Whether you have a purebred dog or rescue dogs from animal shelters and rescue groups, all of them will need exceptional training to learn basic commands, etiquette, and how to be a good canine citizen.

When it comes to puppies, they will need some extra care and patience since they are new to everything in the world. A new puppy is easily distracted, especially by other dogs, so it is critical that the dog owner and trainer are ready for a challenge, especially in training classes for puppies.

Benefits of Working with Professional Dog Trainers in Alexandria, Virginia

When you decide to work with professional dog trainers, you can rest assured that they are bringing vast hands-on experience and in-person training in all aspects of animal behavior. At K9aholics, our trainers have the best and most comprehensive training and experience, so you can count on them to guide you and your furry friends in the right direction from the first class to the last session.

Professional dog trainers also have a great deal of patience. We know that it can be frustrating to teach your dog the basics only to have them forget it very quickly or get distracted. That is why we use “positive reinforcement” for all dogs and help you maintain control at all times.

Services Provided By Our Certified Dog Trainer

At K9aholics Dog Training in Alexandria, our team is proud to offer the following services for dog owners throughout the area:

dog board, private training

Group Classes

If your dog is great with other dogs and likes socialization, this is a good option for you. He will learn alongside other pups and get to familiarize himself with those dogs and their owners. If you are planning to take your dog to a park, this is a solid start.

Dog Obedience Training

Perhaps your dog is a bit skittish or aggressive? We can help your pup overcome those behaviors with our private training sessions. This is an excellent way to bond with your dog one-on-one and get the personalized training you need.

dog's progress

Our board and train programs are great options for those who want their dog to have continual one-on-one training with a trainer throughout the week. We care for your dog as if he were a member of our family, so you can have peace of mind that he will be in the best possible hands.

defensive aggression

When a dog has a behavioral issue such as separation anxiety or severe aggression, it needs to have specialized modification training. Our team at K9aholics Dog Training is here to help ensure your dog can overcome that bad behavior and become a trustworthy, loving pet.

Puppy Training

Puppies need an entirely different kind of training because they are easily distracted and have lots of energy. Our classes are designed to tame that energy and use it in a positive way to teach your pup good behaviors.

Personal Protection Dog Training

If you are looking for highly specialized training for your dog to be your own personal protector, we can help you get there. We ensure there are no problem behaviors, and we can train him to be your personal guard dog.

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