Puppy & Dog Training Cost in 2022

Owning a furry friend, especially a dog, is a major responsibility. A pet owner needs to ensure that their animal has food, water, shelter, toys, and many other things that provide a good life. In the case of dog ownership, another critical aspect of caring for the dog is getting proper dog training.

When the animal is a puppy, the owner should be working with the dog to training it properly. Most dog owners will begin with obedience training classes and work their way up from there. Dog obedience training methods can vary depending on the type of dog and the trainer and the situation – group classes or private training. No matter the circumstances, basic obedience training, and other dog training services are essential for a well-behaved dog.

dog training classes in Virginia Beach, VA

At K9aholics, we offer a wide variety of dog training classes that will meet the needs of your animal. We will pair you with an experienced dog trainer, and you can choose the best type of environment in which your dog will be able to learn and succeed.

The dog trainers at K9aholics offer private dog training class options and group dog training. We are also proud to provide private lessons for puppies, three board and train options, behavior modification for aggressive dogs, and advanced personal protection training.

Types of Dog and Puppy Training in Virginia Beach, VA

Whether your pup does not get along well with other dogs or you need him to walk properly on a leash, the dog training options at K9aholics can help you achieve the goals you have for your furry friend. We offer the following types of obedience training for your dogs:

Board and Train

We have three board and train options when it comes to obedience training for your dog. You can enroll your pup in our 1-week, 2-week, or 3-week program, and at the end of the program, your dog will have the kind of obedience training you need to ensure your dog will become a good canine citizen. Your dog trainer will send you updates on your pet’s progress, and we also offer pick-ups and drop-offs for the board and train programs.

private dog training classes

Puppy Training

Even though it may be a challenge to discipline your puppy because he is so adorable, puppies must begin training immediately. They need to go through obedience training to become well-behaved adult dogs

Puppy Training in Virginia Beach, VA

From playing well with other dogs to listening to their owners’ commands, a puppy needs to be properly trained in basic commands and basic manners to become a good adult dog. Our dog training facility in Virginia Beach can ensure that your puppy learns good behavior through private or group training classes.

Personal Protection Training

If you are looking for a dog trained as a personal protection animal, this requires the skills of an experienced dog obedience school such as K9aholics. It is a very particular kind of dog training and has specific requirements that we are happy to discuss with you. Not only do we provide the training, but we may also choose the dog for you to ensure that it is exactly right for this type of training.

Personal Protection Dog Training in Virginia Beach, VA

Behavior Modification

If your dog is aggressive to the point that you and your family fear that the dog may bite someone, that animal will need aggressive behavior modification. Our certified dog trainers will work with your dog in private sessions to ensure he knows basic obedience skills and teaches him proper behavior.

Training programs for aggression require skill and patience, and an experienced trainer at K9aholics can certainly help you modify your dog’s aggressive behavior.

Costs for Sessions with A Professional Dog Trainer

Dog training cost depends on the training your animal needs. At K9aholics, our training program rates are as follows:

  • Puppy Basic Training: $1500
  • Board and Train
  • 1-week: $1400
  • 2-week: $2100
  • 3-week: 3100
  • Behavior Modification: $4000
  • Personal Protection: Contact K9aholics for pricing

Whether you are looking for your dog to learn just the basics up to lose leash walking or you want to get your pup on the track to be a therapy dog, K9aholics can provide you with the training you need at a price you can afford.

Contact Us for More Information On Group Or Private Training Sessions

At K9aholics, we offer a wide variety of dog training programs, including group lessons and private sessions. We understand that all dogs are different, and we do not try to train dogs the same way no matter what. We customize our lessons and training methods to suit your pet’s needs.

If you are a pet owner in the Virginia Beach, VA area and are looking for the best dog trainers in town, you have found the right place. At K9aholics, we truly care about the proper behavior of the animals we train, and we are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Our team can train most breeds, ages, and behavioral issues, so feel free to contact us about training your pup.

The trainers on our team are highly skilled and knowledgeable about many different dog breeds and the training concepts that work best, and we can answer your questions about canine education. We know that it is important for pet parents to trust their dogs in any situation, and our training lessons will help ensure you have confidence in your dog and know how to read your dog’s body language.

Contact K9aholics today to learn more about our classes, our positive reinforcement techniques, and to find out why we differ (in a great way) from other dog trainers. You certainly will not find our methods through Petsmart training! Call now to schedule your dog’s obedience classes and to find out about our financing options as well.

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