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K9aholics, Expert Dog Trainers in Norfolk, VA.

At K9aholics, we understand that all dogs behave like pack animals. Our dog trainers in Norfolk, VA, work with your dog’s natural instincts to give it good manners, self-confidence, and a sense of balance.

With the help of K9aholics’ professional dog training programs, your dog can get back to the natural order of his or her park. As a result, your furry friend will start playing with other dogs correctly with the help of our experts at our training establishment in Norfolk, VA.

K9aholics Dog Training is ready to help you keep your dog healthy and happy while in public places in Norfolk or at your home.

Dog Training Services Offered at K9aholics in Norfolk, Virginia

K9aholics certified dog trainers in Norfolk, VA, provide training that helps the dogs socialize in the right way with new people and other dogs. We offer puppy training, personal protection, behavior modification, doggy daycare, and private training.

Our training center in Norfolk, VA, has all the tools and the best dog trainers who can help you train your dog fully, no matter what breed it is, how old it is, or how it acts.

If dog owners in Norfolk, VA want their dogs to be well-behaved and listen to them, they should sign them up for our board and training program. Our main goal is to reduce bad behaviors and add more good behaviors through dog obedience training.

The program will assist your dog or puppy with anxiety, aggression, or unwanted behaviors like chewing on furniture or jumping on people. We can also do off-leash walking and loose-leash training.

At K9aholics in Norfolk, VA, we can pick up your dog, bring it to our training facility, and drop it off at home after the training. We will update you throughout the training program so that you can check your dog’s progress.

Puppies are adorable with their soft paws and cute puppy eyes. They also support their owners emotionally. If your puppy does not have proper training, it can be problematic or harmful.

Our expert dog trainers will teach your puppy new skills and basic obedience and correct any existing bad behaviors.

After the puppy training, your pup will learn:

  1. To be more responsive to their parents.

  2. Playing with other dogs.

  3. How to respect their pet owners.

K9aholics has experienced dog trainers who can assist you in eliminating protective aggression. Dogs should be warm to other dogs and people they are close to. K9holics provides professional behavior modification training in Norfolk, VA, and the surrounding areas. 

Our dog trainers change specific behaviors by rewarding the good ones and ignoring the bad ones. This training will teach your dog how to behave well in different situations, avoid undesired behaviors from occurring, and stop aggressive behavior.

Personal protection dogs are different from family pet dogs because they go through training to respond to and protect one individual in everything. First, our certified professional dog trainer will figure out if your dog has what it takes to do well.

Then, he or she will make sure that your dog has enough training by the end of the program.

At K9aholics in Norfolk, VA, our dog trainers have the skills, knowledge, and experience of other trained personal protection dogs. Our trainers will sort you out whether you want a German Shepherd to get training or another dog.

At K9aholics in Norfolk, VA, we offer private dog training lessons that are tailored to fit the needs of your dog. Our trainers understand how vital it is to customize your dog’s training, as group classes might not be the best for your dog.

Private dog training classes enhance what our professional dog trainers teach in group classes. Your dog can learn in a less distracting and more comfortable situation. He will get all the attention of the trainer.

The dog trainer will tailor the sessions to your dog’s specific needs, and the pet owners will have a chance to ask questions necessary to help them understand the benefits of what their dogs are learning.

Why Choose K9aholics in Norfolk, Virginia

At K9aholics, training is our passion, not just work. We are passionate about building good relationships between human beings and dogs in a serious manner. Our team of certified dog trainers works hard in Norfolk and the nearby areas to make sure we give dog owners the best services possible.

We specialize in different kinds of dog training, even in the toughest cases, to help the dogs and their owners have a good life together. For dog behavior consultations and other services, call us at (757) 210-7689 to book an appointment today.

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